On The Fringe

On The Fringe is a definitive collection featuring pieces from my Fringe Series, the Halo Series and other designs hand fabricated in Sterling Silver, 14K Gold fill and 14K Rose Gold fill. The Fringe series has been my most sought after design since I started creating it five years ago. These designs exemplify the age old smithing technique of forging by hand with a hammer. I use 16 gauge wire and hand forge each piece of wire with my Fretz Jeweler’s Planishing Hammer. Each piece of fringe takes time and precision to forge into a harmonious cascade of dangling fringe on each piece of jewelry. The result is a primitive yet modern design in which the metal sings and dances on the hoops. These pieces possess an energy and spirit all of their own.      

On The Fringe collection will be released at 8pm on Sunday November 29th. I will preview pieces on my Instagram account in my stories. This collection will debut the largest selection of fringe pieces to date. The production of these fringe designs are the most time consuming of any of my designs and therefore they are not always available in abundance. So, if you see one you want, jump on it! Happy Holidays dreamers!


Photo by Jessie Morrissey from Jess Mess Image + Design

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