Hi friends, 
I’m Erin,
the heart and soul behind Erin Nicole Jewelry. Where handmade jewelry, folk art, technique and tradition come alive. I strive to intertwine art and community. My heart beats for humanity.
I started my jewelry journey about twelve years in a small folk art school, Pocosin Arts in Columbia, NC. I have a home studio set up in a spare bedroom dedicated to my jewelry business. I feel grateful everyday for the opportunity to create, dream, design all while watching the sunrise and the sunset from my studio. What a dream and I do not take it granted for one second!


I have been fortunate to grow up and live in a beautiful coastal environment rich with heritage and natural beauty. My family has been in this community for generations dating back into the nineteenth century. I have always loved learning the history of my home, as well as the history of other cultures around the world. My jewelry designs are made with intention, heart and soul and embrace the beauty of the natural coastline of my home. I also aim to honor and explore the beauty of other cultures and folk art traditions around the world, embracing ancient jewelry traditions and techniques. 

It is my dream to extend my journey around the globe, embracing the folk traditions of as many cultures as possible and honoring these traditions in my jewelry. I want to intertwine my love of making jewelry, folk art and history while educating about these traditions and the communities that have preserved them, while giving back to these indigenous communities and women at every opportunity. 
Join me on my unfolding journey as an artist, a human and a lover of people and our beautiful planet. I hope we can connect through beautiful jewelry and the human collective.