Vishuddha Ruby Necklace

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The Ruby Vishuddha Necklace not only captivates with its timeless beauty but exudes elegance. Rubies, known as the "king of gemstones," are imbued with passion, vitality, and courage. Just as the radiant Goddess Aphrodite embodies love, beauty, and passion, so too does the fiery ruby gemstone, symbolizing the intense ardor and vitality of the human spirit
As you wear this exquisite necklace, may you feel the empowering energy of rubies infusing your spirit with passion and courage. Let it serve as a reminder to embrace life's adventures with unwavering vitality and grace.
Embrace the essence of the Vishuddha Necklace and let your inner radiance shine bright. It's more than just jewelry; it's a reflection of your vibrant spirit and boundless potential. Handcrafted with precision in 14K gold fill, this necklace features all natural red rubies adorning an 17” chain.